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    Love and Art (2006)
Love and Art
Still from film

'It is love; it is Art, Marc Lafia’s film, ‘Love and Art’ an essay  
by Daniel Coffeen 
There are at least two threads that run through Marc Lafia’s  
film, ‘Love and Art’. On the one hand, there's a love story, a  
sensual, sentimental tale of two lovers. On the other hand,  
there's the world of art: artists, openings, museums, seeing  
and being seen.  
These two threads ‘love and art’ are absolutely distinct and  
simultaneously one and the same thing. Both are forces that  
act upon us just as we act upon them: we don't quite choose  
to love just as we don't quite choose to make art. And yet to  
say that we do not choose is not right, either. Love and art  
happen. They are forces that take us up but that don't  
exceed us per se: we become their equal. The lover becomes  
love, is love; the artist becomes art, is art.  
And both birth˜and are birthed by˜a supreme generosity. It  
is a generosity that this film not only captures but performs.  
For this film is itself supremely generous. It never seeks to  
reduce the world of love or the world of art; it is never  
didactic. And even when letting academics speak, it is never  
academic. Rather, it indulges its world˜love, art, and the  
viewer alike.  
The two threads of love and art find themselves taken up by  
an eye that sees multiply, that allows both love and art to go  
as they go, in all of their texture, ambience, play,  
ambiguity, pleasure. This film makes us privy to the clamor  
of gallery voices, the not-so-subtle scent of cheese meeting  
not-too-expensive wine, the pitter patter of museum shoes,  
the intent looks of befuddlement, interest and boredom, the  
whispers of tongues, the grace of a metered caress, the drive  
to live well.  
This is the rare film about art that is itself art. The camera  
here does not just capture the world; it makes the world by  
letting it happen in all of its teeming multiplicity. Just as the  
lover becomes love, and the artist becomes art, this film is not  
really about either love or art. It is love; it is art.  



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